Benefits of Green Window Treatments for Homes

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In this article, Eclipse Blinds – proudly serving Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, West Seattle, and Normandy Park, Washington (WA) – is here to tell you about the benefits of green window treatments for homes. We proudly offer a gorgeous selection of eco-friendly shades.

Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we are fortunate to be surrounded by lush forests, beautiful shores, and stunning mountains, which gives us a special appreciation for the natural environment. That being said, we at Eclipse Blinds are proud to offer an excellent selection of green window treatments that are both eco-friendly and look amazing on your windows. We offer both gorgeously designed window treatments that use natural materials and window treatments that can help you lower your energy use. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of green window treatments for homes in the West Seattle and the Kitsap Peninsula areas of Washington.

Natural Woven Shades

As an alternative to shades made from artificial materials, these natural woven shades are pulled straight from nature and applied straight to your windows, only adding expert craftsmanship and gorgeous design. These natural shades are made with completely organic materials, such as bamboo, wood, reeds, and grasses that are woven together with natural fibers. This means that years from now, when it comes time to replace these shades, you can take comfort knowing they are completely biodegradable.

We offer natural woven wood shades from Horizons Window Fashions, the leading U.S. manufacturer of these premium window treatments. Styles include a sleek Roman Shade that is flat when closed and opens into neatly placed folds. A hobbled Roman shade style is also available, which maintains soft folds of fabric when fully extended for a classic, elegant appearance.

Our natural fiber woven shades can be ordered with an attached light-filtering or room-darkening liner. For incredibly flexible light control, you can also get an independent liner that lowers behind the shade, giving you two opacity options in one shade, and, at the same price as attached liner options.

Our natural fiber woven shades provide a gorgeous texture to your windows and bring a comforting organic look indoors. Different hues ranging from light to dark are available, so you can find just the right match for just about any room in your home.

Cellular Shades

Also known as honeycomb shades, our cellular shades use a specialized design to help lower energy consumption. The shades are made of hexagonal cells that trap air by your windows creating an insulating effect. These cells help to keep your home cool during our rare summer heat waves while also keeping heat inside during chillier winter months. This makes it far easier to regulate the temperature inside your home, making you less reliant on your indoor heating and air conditioning system, which results in lower energy use. In addition to being helpful for the environment, you will also likely enjoy seeing smaller numbers when you go to pay your energy bills.

These shades also provide a beautiful appearance to your windows with their sleek, clean design and subtle texture. You can also customize the look of these green shades by choosing from a wide range of color options, opacities, fabrics, and textures as well.

At Eclipse Blinds, we want to help you decorate your windows in a way that will both help the environment and look beautiful in your home. We offer a convenient in-home shopping experience and are proud to offer services to Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, West Seattle, and Normandy Park, WA as well as the Southworth, West Sound, West Puget Sound, and Kitsap Peninsula areas. Browse our website today to discover inspiration for your home.

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Natural Woven Shades are Perfect for Homes Near Port Orchard, Washington (WA) for Dining Room Beauty