A Guide to Cellular Honeycomb Shades for Homes

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Being able to see outside to the beautiful views the Pacific Northwest has to offer is essential when you live in Washington. However, those windows you have can end up letting a lot of the warm air inside your home escape, forcing you to rely more on your internal heating system to keep your home comfortable. When this happens, your energy bills can skyrocket upward while further energy use increases your carbon footprint. At Eclipse Blinds, we offer a great solution to this problem with the Cellular Honeycomb Shades, a sleek and modern type of shade that offers insulating properties for your home, along with other advantages. Read on for a guide to cellular honeycomb shades for homes.

How Cellular Honeycomb Shades Work

The structural design of these shades is made up of small hexagonal “honeycomb” cells that stack on top of each other. These cells help to make the operation of these shades intuitive and simple by expanding when closing your shades and smoothly folding together as you open . These shades also look incredibly modern on your windows, offering an uncluttered and sleek appearance that works on any window. The cells also create a subtle texture that looks great from any angle while adding a comforting atmosphere to your home.

But what really makes these shades stand out is how the cells work to keep your home at the temperature you want and increase its energy-efficiency. The cells act as insulation for your windows, trapping air right next to your windows in order to maintain the current temperature of your home. This effect works just as well during the summer as it does during the winter. You can keep your warm air inside when you want it, and keep it outside when you are trying to keep your home cool. Not only will your home feel amazing inside during all seasons, but you also get to benefit from seeing smaller numbers when you open your energy bills.

More Peaceful Sleep

The cellular construction of these shades gives you the benefit of dampened sound as well. And with room-darkening opacities available for excellent light control, the combination of softened noises and a dark environment to sleep in makes these shades ideal for installing in your bedroom to help you sleep. You’ll also get to enjoy a more peaceful sounding home altogether in any room in your home since these shades also dampen sounds from within your home, as well.

Customizing Cellular Honeycomb Shades

We offer plenty of ways to make your cellular honeycomb shades unique to your home. You can customize light control to suit any room with sheer, light-filtering or room darkening opacity choices.  In addition, your choice of fabric and texture gives you the choice of how your shades will affect the atmosphere of each room. We also offer our Color Lux line to open up endless possibilities of color choices for your windows.

At Eclipse Blinds, we want to help you make your home look amazing while being energy-efficient, which is why we offer cellular honeycomb shades. We offer a convenient shop at home experience and offer services to Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, West Seattle, and Normandy Park, WA as well as the Southworth, West Sound, West Puget Sound, and Kitsap Peninsula areas. Contact us today to get started on your transformed home.

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