Cellular (Honeycomb) Shades

Light filtering or room darkening options in multiple colors and textures offer a flexible way to way decorate and control the light in your home. Perhaps our long, gloomy winters contribute to making cellular shades the most popular window treatment choice in the Pacific Northwest. The pleated honeycomb construction is soft yet durable with the added benefit of providing additional insulation.

The Color Lux line offered by Eclipse Blinds offers the possibility of 800 colors in an elegant linen weave for color without compromise. Match or contrast to colors of furniture, rugs, walls or drapery.

Color Lux by Comfortex

Four Color Lux collections of a dozen colors each selected by color expert Kate Smith are a good place to start for your cellular or roller shades:

  • Timeless Neutrals are delicate whites, off-whites and neutrals that offer sophisticated coordination with any décor or design.
  • Nature’s Elements provide a soft, natural appeal inspired by the organic colors of nature.
  • Perfect Pastels are relaxing soft colors that make for a pleasant, but not overwhelming accent color.
  • Vivid Expressions are the choice for modern interior design. The vibrant, youthful colors drastically alter the energy of a room.

If none of these are the fit you are seeking, your designer will show you the Color Lux color deck with an additional 748 colors to choose from. You can also experiment with product, color, pattern and texture choices with the Colorlux Tool

. You can even match Colorlux colors with those of major paint suppliers.


Natural Woven Shades

Natural woven shades allow you to decorate the inside of your rooms with the warmth of nature’s outdoors. Eclipse Blinds offers 150 weaves of different woods, bamboos, reeds and grasses. Colors span light hues to dark earth tones. Light filtering or room darkening linings are an option that can either be attached to the back side of the blinds or be raised and lowered separately.

The popular Classic Roman style hangs flat when completely lowered or in soft folds when partially or fully raised. The Hobbled Roman keeps its elegant Roman folds even when fully lowered.

Roman Shades

Made with a variety of fabrics, Roman shades provide the elegance of full curtains but take up considerably less space than a full set of curtains. Flat, hobbled and relaxed construction choices each provide a different look and feel. Privacy and light blocking liners available as is the top-down, bottom-up opening.


Roller and Solar Shades

Modern roller shades have come a long way from common white vinyl or cotton of yesteryear. They are now available in just about any material that can be placed on a roller, sophisticated patterns, textures, opacities and colors. Solar shades block sunlight and UV rays that cause carpets and furniture to fade. Cassette options that hide rollers available. Eclipse Blinds offers 800 Color Lux colors for no color compromise in either light filtering or blackout fabric.

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